SEMrush Keyword Research Exam Answers

Exam Name: SEMrush Keyword Research Exam

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  1. What are the keyword phrase scores based on?
  2. Which discovery questions should you ask the business before starting keyword research? Choose 3 options.
  3. Which SEMrush tool allows you to see the list of search phrases that are formatted as questions?
  4. What does the keyword difficulty score tell you?
  5. The search results displayed for any query are based on what Google interprets to be the searcher’s intent.
  6. Which SEMrush tool provides you with information about not provided keywords?
  7. Which SEMrush tool allows you to monitor the performance of keywords you discovered via Organic Traffic Insights?
  8. Why should you analyze your competitor’s pages that have the most inbound links pointed to them?
  9. Excellent keyword research is a one-and-done tactic – you should only do it once to boost your site rankings.
  10. Proper keyword research allows you to rank with text-only content – and nothing else.