SEMrush Affiliate Program Terms Certification Exam Answers

Exam Name: SEMrush Affiliate Program Terms Certification Exam

Exam URL:

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  1. Choose two answers. A zero dollar sale is showing up in your statistics. It means that:
  2. Choose three answers. To receive your commissions, you need to:
  3. You can promote SEMrush via video content, but pre-made videos are not available as a type of promo material.
  4. You can use the brand name of SEMrush and BeRush as a keyword in your PPC campaign.
  5. You can refer your clients to a free 7 days trial by using the following url:
  6. You need to provide your full bank account details to receive payments via wire transfer, but not to receive payments via PayPal.
  7. Choose two answers. To upload your tax form and update info about your preferred method of receiving commissions, you need to:
  8. Choose two answers. What are the two payout dates for BeRush affiliates?
  9. You want to share the commission with your clients. What’s the best way to do it?
  10. You are allowed to create multiple accounts within BeRush for different domains and marketing activities you use for SEMrush promotion.
  11. Choose two answers. What kind of marketing materials can you use to promote SEMrush?
  12. Providing a reference link and advising your friend or client to use SEMrush is NOT against BeRush rules.
  13. Can you refer a company you work for* to SEMrush? (*The company where you are an employee)
  14. You can use social networks to promote SEMrush.
  15. If you choose Wire transfer as your preferred method of payment, you will receive your earnings after you accumulate a total of $50 in commissions.
  16. Referral links can lead to SEMrush homepage only.
  17. You CANNOT use a referral link in an email.
  18. What channels are forbidden to use for SEMrush promotion? Choose two answers.
  19. You can use Third Party websites’ materials for your promotional campaigns of SEMrush.
  20. Graphs in the statistics tab are updated in real time.
  21. You are allowed to sign up as an affiliate at BeRush and then use your referral link to register a paid account on SEMrush.
  22. A user referred by you contacts SEMrush sales team and requests a custom plan. What will happen?
  23. You are using PayPal, and your balance is below the payment margin. On the 24th of current month, a new purchase moves it over the payout margin. When will you receive your commissions?
  24. Your referral link looks like “{ID}” where {ID} is your individual referral code.