You’ve received a warning for Content ID abuse. In reviewing bad claims, you notice a lot of issues stem from a single channel whose content consists entirely of movie trailers licensed from studios. After deactivating the bad references and releasing invalid claims, what else might you do?

  • Remove the channel’s ability to create references
  • Require all claims be routed for manual review
  • Remove the channel from your content owner
  • Delete all of the channel’s videos

You have a large library of sound recordings, including some old speeches in the public domain. What is the best way to treat them with regard to Content ID?

  • Use a Custom ID to flag these sound recordings as public domain so you can keep an eye on them.
  • Identify the public domain speeches and don’t enable them for Content ID matching.
  • Set policies to route all claims for manual review so you can spot claims against public domain content.
  • Enable your entire catalog for Content ID matching and check your Claims report quarterly.