Congratulations — you just landed a job selling IT equipment to large corporations! You receive your first inbound lead, and you call the person who submitted it. You quickly realize that this person is a junior employee with no buying authority. What should you do?

  • Respectfully answer their questions, then mark them as “unqualified” in your CRM and don’t spend any more time on them.
  • Treat them the same way you would treat your target persona because there’s a good chance they’re doing research for that person.
  • End the call as quickly as possible because there’s no reason to spend time talking to junior employees.
  • Ask to talk to their supervisor and see if you can qualify that person as a lead.

How can you make sure the content you share is relevant to your prospects?

  • Make a list of the problems you help your customers solve and map your content to those problems –– then share relevant content.
  • Have physical copies of your company’s content on your desk so you can flip through them during phone calls and find what you’re looking for.
  • Share as much content as possible with each prospect to increase the likelihood of giving them the content they need.
  • Reduce the amount of content you use and focus on sharing only the content that is relevant in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey.

Here’s an agenda that follows the CGP, TCI, BA framework: 1. Build rapport, recap previous conversations, set agenda. 2. Explore the challenges the prospect has and their plans for overcoming them. 3. Explore their timeline and discuss the consequences of inaction and the implications of success. 4. Explore budget and authority. In this agenda, which part of the CGP, TCI, BA framework needs improvement?

  • CGP
  • TCI
  • BA
  • It’s fine as is

What is the difference between ideal customer profiles and buyer personas?

  • Ideal customer profiles are for business-to-business sales teams, while buyer personas are for sales teams that sell directly to consumers.
  • Ideal customer profiles broadly describe a target market, while buyer personas define specific sorts of people in that market.
  • Ideal customer profiles describe your existing customers, while buyer personas are based on your leads and prospects.
  • Ideal customer profiles are used by marketing teams, while buyer personas are used by salespeople.

What is a trigger event?

  • An action that triggers an automated email from your marketing automation platform.
  • Anything that indicates that you could provide immediate value to someone.
  • An action that indicates a prospect is ready to move from the identify phase to the connect phase.
  • An event that indicates a sales opportunity is about to expire.