Why should Social Media managers begin the budgeting process for their social marketing program well before final budget numbers are settled?

  • Because there will likely be other projects that arise and it’s important to leave yourself enough time to complete a budget before the end of Q4.
  • So that you can get your budget requests in early so that your requests are prioritized over other teams.
  • Because social managers are often overwhelmed with tactics and campaigns at the end of the year.
  • Vacations around Thanksgiving and Christmas often make it difficult to get the data needed in time for final budget submissions.
  • To make the most persuasive and data-driven case possible for influencing how much will be awarded.

You have just uploaded a 4 minute video clip into your InstagramTV (IGTV) channel. You’ve added hashtags in the description to support discoverability. What’s another tactic you could have used to surface this video to your followers?

  • Use the IGBoost feature to put paid advertising spend behind the IGTV video.
  • Send the video via Direct Message to all your followers.
  • Use relevant keywords in ALL caps in the IGTV video description.
  • Enable automatic publishing of a 60-second preview of the video in your feed.

Let’s say you’re looking to increase the visibility of your company blog. What, in addition to SEO tactics, could you do to make it easy for people to organically find your previously published posts?

  • Link internally to previously published blog posts
  • Paid Boost via Google AdWords for underperforming posts
  • None of these
  • Embed pixels into all old blog posts
  • Hire a skywriter and graffiti artist
  • Email a blog link to all captured leads
  • Republish old articles with different headlines