Why is the “value” focus area important to complete early on after launching a new launch pad or website initiative?

  • If you don’t first validate that the solution you built does, in-fact, solve users’ pain points and provide value, your team might waste time optimizing something users don’t care about in the first place.
  • The value focus area should be implemented immediately after launching the new website to ensure the business is capturing as many leads as possible, thus maximizing the value of the website to the business.
  • The value focus area should be implemented immediately after launching a new website product to ensure your stakeholders see value in your GDD efforts and continue to fund your team.
  • It’s a misconception that the value step must be completed early on. It’s actually better to implement the value focus area as late as possible in the process.

Why is it important to focus on effective content development?

  • Content is the core of your website and is key to driving user behavior.
  • Content creation is often the biggest cause in delays during the redesign process.
  • Although nice to have, effective content development should not be a primary focus. It’s more important to focus on making the website look better than your competitors’ websites.
  • The final copy is needed before the site can be designed or developed. This is why content development is important to start directly after the GDD engagement kicks off.
  • A and B
  • All of the above

Which statement best describes the purpose of the strategy stage?

  • Develop an empathetic understanding of your audience’s world and how the website can solve problems along their journey.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what others in the organization, including stakeholders, value in having on the website.
  • Collaborate with outside industry designers to ensure your new website incorporates the latest design trends.
  • Dive deep into your brand and your competitors to develop designs and positioning that’s superior to your competitors.

Fill in the blank: Running a sprint workshop is time consuming for the team, but it’s worth the time investment because: ___________.

  • pulling everyone, including stakeholders, together for a focused time period ends up saving time by avoiding slow communication, distractions, and approval delays
  • you can pull on the collective knowledge of a diverse group, which results in better ideas
  • having everyone together, including stakeholders, creates better buy-in and alignment across the company
  • All of the above

Imagine your CEO says, “Why do we need to use Growth-Driven Design on our website? Don’t we just need it to look better than our competitors?” Which of the following is the best response to your CEO?

  • “We need to shift our thinking to view the website as an asset we invest in to drive company growth. Agencies on a 2017 survey reported seeing 14.1% more visitors, 16.9% more leads, and 11.2% more revenue six months after launching their website using Growth-Driven Design.”
  • “Our website is very important. GDD helps us organize and store all our content for our customers to access at any time. Giving them access to this content is very helpful and will likely help generate more leads.”
  • “You’re right. However, we need to keep the look and feel to be up to date with the latest design trends. The more pleasing the design is, the more likely visitors will like us more than a competitor. GDD is a great playbook to stay on top of design trends.”
  • “You’re right, the website isn’t really key to our company. It’s probably best to just launch the website and then refocus on other activities like direct mail advertising.”

Your team and the stakeholders are discussing where to run sprint workshops. In which parts of the GDD process is it common to run a sprint workshop?

  • During the strategy kick-off, wish list brainstorming, designs, and new site launch.
  • During the user interviews, content creation, launch, and start of the continuous improvement stage.
  • During the strategy kick-off, designs, sales team presentation, and the launch media press release.
  • Sprint workshops are only run during the strategy kick-off.