You use Google Shopping ads to promote customer engagement with your products.

  • Several Shopping ads will be displayed for your products based on specific categories potential customers have selected.
  • Multiple Shopping ads for the same product will be repeated as a potential customer scrolls through a website, reinforcing your products’ value.
  • Shopping ads may contain several videos showing how to use your products, along with detailed descriptions of your products’ value.
  • Shopping ads let more than one of your products be shown for a given search, and a text ad for your products could appear at the same time.

Your website data shows that many visitors place items in their shopping carts, but fail to complete the purchase. You want to grow your business by increasing sales.

  • Test daily: Test a new website layout and color scheme each day.
  • Lower price: Consider reducing the price of your product(s) for multiple purchases.
  • Remove friction: Make sure the checkout process is working and easy to use.
  • Increase discounts: Attempt to increase unique visits to the website by offering discounts.

Angelo owns a bookstore and has been running a Google Shopping campaign for several months. He needs to monitor how different books are performing.

  • Angelo can add new product groups and arrange them to show how many clicks a specific book received.
  • Angelo can see how many clicks a specific book received by filtering his products view.
  • Angelo can use benchmarking data to isolate each book’s sales.
  • Angelo can use impression-share data to find the number of clicks on each book’s ad.

Google Ads was designed to deliver three things to every advertiser: relevance, control, and results. It provides relevance by connecting advertisers with the right people at the right time. It provides results by charging only when you get a click.

  • By giving advertisers control over the number of specific actions their spend will return
  • By giving advertisers control over which competitors they place ads in auctions against
  • By giving advertisers control over the next highest bid allowed in auctions they enter
  • By giving advertisers control over the maximum they spend per month.

Why does automating your bid versus using manual bidding contribute to a successful Google Ads campaign?

  • User intent and likelihood to complete valuable actions for your business do not vary based on location, time, or device.
  • The appropriate bid can often be a static target that is challenging to reach.
  • If you do not bid efficiently, you could miss valuable conversions.
  • The customer journey has become more complex and therefore bids should be based on general user behavior.