A publisher has just switched over to Ad Manager 360 from another product 10 days ago. They are concerned the forecasting data they are seeing isn’t correct. What can you tell them to do?

  • Remove house ads from serving to specific ad units in question
  • Ad Manager is most accurate with 28 days of data so some forecasting may not be accurate
  • Check key-values in the tags on the webpages and make sure they’re correct.
  • Ad Manager needs only 7 days of data before being able to forecast so the forecast must be correct
  • A and D

A publisher has determined that most of their users come to their site to read specific articles that they found through a search engine. Which approach would maximize the publisher’s revenue while keeping users happy?

  • Show only a snippet of the main article and include links to related articles above it to prove to the user that there’s other valuable content on their site.
  • Split the content into 5 pages, to have more page views.
  • Include some related or popular articles at the bottom of each article.
  • Avoid including links to related articles to allow the user to focus on the article they chose to read.